Training your Goldendoodle

If you're looking to make a Goldendoodle puppy or dog your next furry companion, you need to recognize that you'll need to add to your daily routine time for dog training, along with enrichment and exercise time.

Probably the first thing a doodle parent needs to teach their dog is the very important "sit" command, but there are a few other obedience lessons that are equally important to master. These basic cues or commands help dogs improve their impulse control, their good manners, and in some situations are life-saving lessons. Keep in mind, "mastery" means that your dog will respond no matter how distracting the environment, so it’s likely you’ll have to continue to refresh skills throughout your dog’s lifetime. But the good news is training is an excellent way to cement a strong bond with your dog, and even better, it’s fun.

Goldendoodles need structure, consistency, and a clear communication system. They love to know they can 'earn' rewards for doing what you ask of them, but you must be clear and consistent in your application of these rewards. Our doodle loves to spend time working on new tricks or behavior improvements. They are very easy to train. They are quick learners. We were blown away with how fast our Harvey would learn new things. They love action- like jumping through a hoop or over a rod or your arm. Just have some little treat ready for them. I like to vary the treat. I always use tiny little pieces of meat or carrots or dog treats. I think they love it all. You just have to have something that will keep their attention. And you need to give them a lot of love.

Don't wait to start your training program with your new Goldendoodle. Don't wait until there's a problem until there's anxiety or another issue. Goldendoodles become frustrated easily, and many times it can manifest into destructive behaviors. Giving these dogs a schedule and boundaries from the day you bring them home is very important. If this is something you don't have previous experience with, make it easy: hire a trainer and do it before you bring the puppy home. It's worth it!

Training a Goldendoodle can be challenging but also a lot of fun! I love these dogs—they are easily one of the silliest, smartest, and most fun dog breeds. If your Goldendoodle gets all the consistency and activity needed, they will be a delightful addition to your family. They probably aren't for everyone, but if you enjoy having a furry buddy to bring along on all your adventures, then a 'doodle dog is probably the perfect, silly, muppet-like friend you've been searching for.

So here is a great book about training a Goldendoodle but really most any book about dog training will work for the Goldendoodle.  


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