Should you have
your Doodle wear a collar all the time?

For years, many believed dogs should always wear collars until stories started appearing about dogs getting strangled when their collar or id tag got entangled in a crate wire or some other object. We had one experience where our Goldendoodle got entangled somehow in his crate during the night and we had to get up and take care of him. So from that experience, we feel it is not necessary or comfortable for the dog to wear a collar when he is in a secure environment.
When doggy is out of the house the need really changes. When you're out walking your dog or letting him play in the yard, he needs a collar with your contact information on it. Better yet, you need the new trackable collars where if your dog scurries off chasing a rabbit, squirrel or some birds you can see on your cell phone where he has disappeared to. The new collars that track your dog’s location are great because they can also provide you with info on how much exercise he has had and other vital facts that can help you keep your Doodle healthy.

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