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The Value of a RAW FOOD diet

The Value of a RAW FOOD diet

A raw food diet has been found to help the Goldendoodle deal with many common ailments such as flea infestations, hot spots, shedding, poor dental & gum health, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, immune disorders, and degenerative diseases. Diet is the major contributor to the health of your dog. The fresher the diet, the more nutrients are available for the animal's system to utilize in building immunity, healing from illness and warding off disease.
Don't let your dog get lost

Don't let your dog get lost

Losing a dog is heartbreaking. No Goldendoodle owner wants to experience this feeling. You need to take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.  Your Goldendoodle is a very loving dog and not only do you have to worry about losing him; you have to consider the person who finds him will just think of him as a sweet stray dog and want to keep him. You need to utilize tracking devices on his collar to make sure you can quickly find him if runs off after a rabbit or squirrel.  Read more..
Good Parents Provide Toys for Their Doodle

Good Parents Provide Toys for Their Doodle

Keep your doodle happy and healthy by providing safe fun toys for him to play with.  Doodles are usually rough with toys, so buy toys that are of good quality and that are made to last.
Buying from a Breeder or finding a Rescue Goldendoodle - which way should you go?
If you're lucky enough to find a Goldendoodle at a rescue center, by all means, give it a home. But realize that your selection is going to be very slim to nothing. I looked in Houston, Texas for a few months and finally came to the conclusion that I would have to go to a Goldendoodle breeder to get what I was looking for. Some dog lovers frown on obtaining a dog from a breeder because of the many various dogs that are abandoned every day and left to die. I had fallen in love with a friend's Goldendoodle and that was what I wanted, so my choice was to find a reputable breeder and buy one. Is it morally wrong? NO! You are looking for a companion. You know what you want and you will only be happy with the kind of dog you really desire. When we want a human companion we don't take in every homeless person to fill the void - we look for that special person. I think the same principle applies to finding the perfect pet to love and care for.

Unfortunately, the world is full of all kinds of castaways and helping those less fortunate is a moral tenant we should practice, but we can't do it for every living thing out there. My wife and I have rescued and cared for multiple stray cats that have taken up residence on our property and expect a bowl of food and water daily. Our Goldendoodle gets along with them and they live in harmony.

I am very glad we went and found the Goldendoodle we really wanted. He has been a blessing in our life and I hope we are his blessing.

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We will be posting multiple YouTube Videos on our site to make it easy to become an expert Goldendoodle parent.

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